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LaFontaine Preparatory School was founded by Gus and Kristin LaFontaine in 2011. Gus, a lifelong resident of Madison County, had just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the Kentucky Army National Guard.

Instead of returning to work as a public school teacher, Gus and Kristin decided to open a small business and provide a unique approach to educating early learners. In its first year, the school served 13 half-day pre-kindergarten students at LaFontaine Preparatory School.

As they grew their small business, they expanded their family by having five kids in 5 years and adding grades, staff, and services to the LaFontaine Preparatory School team.

“What started as a tiny, local small business has now grown to become a non-profit private school that serves over 150 students, a preschool that serves another 50, a child care center that serves 150 infants and toddlers, and finally, our very first Nature School!”

In 2012, friends of theirs, Jeff and Abby McIntier, relocated to Kentucky from Utah to continue growing the school. Jeff was a recent graduate of BYU Law, and Abby would continue working as a dance teacher in Kentucky.

Later, Brian and Narayana Pennington joined the team with an investment that allowed growth to continue. Brian is a lifelong friend of Gus. The Pennington family lives in South Riding, Virginia, where Brian serves as an active-duty Army officer, and Narayana is a family nurse practitioner.

“We are family-owned and have 12 children between our team of owners. Our children attend or have attended our schools. They deserved our best effort and yours do too! As a group, we’ll work to ensure that.”

Direct Exposure To Nature Boosts Physical & Emotional Health

Our early learning program emphasizes structured lesson plans and organized schedules. What sets us apart is that we’re outside for most of these experiences, breathing fresh air on 10+ acres of land. This unique approach incorporates nature components, including our farm and docile livestock, to instill a lifelong love for learning and the environment.
Direct Exposure To Nature Boosts Physical & Emotional Health

Our Core Values Shape Every Aspect Of Our Approach To Childcare & Education:


Embrace Change & Be An Example Of “Cool Under Pressure”.


Lead With Your Heart. Be Genuinely Kind & Compassionate To Yourself & Others. Cultivate Deep, Meaningful Relationships.

Growth Mindset

See The Possibility In Yourself, Others, & The Situation. Cultivate Your Imagination.


Be Willing To Hold Yourself & Others Accountable For Excellence. Be Direct & Honest. Run Towards Criticism In Service Of Your Growth.
A Hands-On, Nurturing Space Where Your Child Thrives

A Hands-On, Nurturing Space Where Your Child Thrives

Your little explorer learns in a natural setting that encourages movement and physical activity. They connect with the agricultural heritage of Central Kentucky by building experiences with the land, learning soft skills like industry and empathy as they care for the environment, and instilling responsibility and compassion through gardening.

Our Mission

“We Partner With Families To Create Positive Experiences For Early Learners While Fostering Their Independence In A Safe And Transparent Environment.”

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Our Programs


3 Years Old
By August and Potty Trained
Richmond & Lexington Location


4 Years Old
By August
Richmond & Lexington Location

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

5 Years Old
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1st Grade

6 Years Old
Lexington Location